About Race Used Ltd.

Race Used Ltd. buy and sell rarefied collectables from the motorsport & automotive world.

Coming from a collecting background of over 15 years, we identified the opportunity and gap in the market for a European-based Automobilia & Motorsports Memorabilia outlet. Race Used aims to give both the seller and the buyer a seamless transaction on rarefied collectables from the automotive & motorsport World.

We are positioned in a way where our fee structure for sellers gives us an edge over auction houses, and also gives the seller and buyer alike a lower pressure atmosphere in which they can carefully consider the item(s) they wish to buy or sell.

We have a fantastic contact database and knowledge for pairing items up with likely buyers. In the instance that an item was used by a driver whilst racing a specific car, we are well placed to be able to find the owner of that car and present them directly with an opportunity to add something to the car’s history. With values of cars rising and the market becoming more sophisticated people are more and more interested in bolstering files and provenance to support their cars.

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