1992 Used Karl Wendlinger Helmet

Austrian Wendlinger, a contemporary in junior formula and sports cars with Michael Schumacher, was a veteran of 42 Grand Prix. In 1992 he was driving for the iconic Leyton House March team where he scored a best result of 4th in the Canadian Grand Prix. He also drove for the ‘Works’ Peugeot team at Le Mans in the 905 where he didn’t finish due to an engine failure.

This helmet is painted in the recognisable colours Wendlinger used throughout his career and is complete with stickers from his personal sponsors of the time, Krafft Walzen and Automoto und Sport. The helmet has signs of use and is complete with a visor tear off (indicating use in a single-seater) and a hole for a drinks tube in the front.

Back in 1992 the drivers would have used far less helmets than we see today and whilst we don't know the exact races this helmet was used in, it is probable that it was numerous, and the helmet photo matches to the early part of the 1992 Formula One season.


Karl Wendlinger

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