1984/85/86 Klaus Ludwig Bell helmet

A 1984/1985/1986 Klaus Ludwig Bell helmet.

This helmet shows signs of great use and is from the era where Ludwig was most successful in sports car racing driving the mighty Porsche 956’s.

The helmet carries Newman, D&W & Fantatic sponsorship which dates it to the 1984/1985 seasons where Ludwig won Le Mans in the ‘Newman Joest Porsche’. The D&W & Fanatic sponsorship is likely to have been added just after Le Mans when he drove a Kremer Porsche 956 to win the Norisring ‘200 mile’ race 2 weeks after. Beyond that Ludwig never drove a car with Fanatic & D&W sponsorship which is why we know it is June 1985.

Whilst its very hard to pin point the exact races in which this helmet was used it is highly unlikely that he would have carried Newman sponsorship unless he was driving a Newman sponsored Joest car or D&W/Fanatic sponsorship unless he was driving the Kremer car sponsored by those brands.

Also on the top of the helmet there is a sticker which shows Blaupunkt sponsorship and the helmet could ultimately have been carried through to 1986 too where Joest were sponsored by both Newman and Blaupunkt.

A very rare piece from a driver who is often remembered for his touring car exploits in DTM but also won the Le Mans 24 Hour race 3 times, all with Porsche.

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Klaus Ludwig

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