1982/3 Stand 21 Rene Arnoux Overalls

René Arnoux raced in Formula One for 12 seasons, winning 7 races and achieving 22 career podiums. A very interesting suit from 1982 where he drove for Renault and then into 1983 where he signed for Ferrari. This is a suit that he wore at Renault and then shows signs of all the Renault patches being removed (with the exception of ‘Champion’ on the right arm) and a Ferrari & Agip logo being sewn on. There are many photos of him wearing this suit whilst driving for Renault and one photograph of him wearing it whilst testing for Ferrari. As the Ferrari suits in 1983 were red, it's likely that this was only used in testing for the Scuderia. The best of both world’s; a suit that was worn in his two most successful seasons with two different and legendary manufacturers.


René Arnoux

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