Assorted F1 Team Wear

Some very rare, interesting and collectable F1 team kit that would have been issued to the respective teams' personnel in period. In this collection, we have:

1x Team Tyrrell shirt (1970s) - 39-40cm / 15.5" collar: £500
1x Jordan Honda shirt (2002) - SOLD
1x Jordan Benson & Hedges shirt (2001) - SOLD
1x Leyton House March F1 Team sweater (1990s)
1x Midland Supefund shirt (2006)
1x Mercedes Formula 1 Team shirt (2016)
1x Honda F1 Racing Team shirt (2007)
1x Honda F1 Racing Team shirt (2008)
1x Williams Grand Prix Engineering shirt (1992) - Large - SOLD
1x Marlboro Team McLaren shirt (1990s) - Medium - £100
1x Marlboro Team McLaren sweater (1990s) - Large - SOLD

F1 Team Wear

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